​InterWest Realty brings decades of consulting experience across multiple facets in the commercial real estate industry. If you are in need of guidance and direction in order to develop a strategy in commercial real estate, we are here for you.

Consulting - InterWest Realty - Oklahoma City

​Comprehensive Review

​We work with you to understand all aspects of your real estate development needs. From site evaluation and navigating governmental approvals to securing entitlements, InterWest’s team of experienced real estate consultants knows what questions to ask and how to get the right answers.

Consulting - InterWest Realty - Oklahoma City

​Quantified Decision Making

​We integrate best-in-class tools, established methodologies, industry-leading technology, and data-supported analytics to reach past superficial qualitative decisions and head into an organizational quantitative price chain.

​Customized Valuation

​InterWest Realty has the ability to provide you with customized portfolio evaluations and can assist you with key commercial real estate funding decisions.

Our many consulting services include:

​​Lease versus purchase analysis, Site selection review, Brokerage opinion of value for a property, Assessment of current facilities, Construction management services, Analysis to help research areas of opportunity, Demographics reports, Custom commercial real estate research, and Reports for specific projects and potential developments, among many others.

​​Best Possible Outcomes

​Most importantly, we manage the complexity that comes along with decision making on your behalf.

​As an integrated company, we handle complicated land transactions, secure financial partners and overcome design and construction challenges so you do not have to.

​Our in-house experts work as a team to identify the right information, so that the knowledge you gain will lead to the best possible outcome for your project, property or investment opportunity.

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