George W. Huffman

CEO | Managing Broker

Founder, President & Managing Broker

Since entering Oklahoma’s Commercial Real Estate industry some four decades ago while still attending college, George quickly elevated to the top of his contemporaries and became one of Oklahoma City’s most notable and prominent Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Property Managers.

As a testament to that rise in prominence, after only five years working for other firms, George formed Tricor Property Management, Inc.; which later transitioned into InterWest Realty in order to better accommodate and serve the growing brokerage side of the company’s business portfolio.

Simultaneous to the growth of InterWest in Oklahoma; George obtained his California Brokers License in 1987 and successfully diversified to develop and broker multiple property developments in Northern San Diego County – capitalizing upon the rapid growth within that marketplace during a downturn in Oklahoma.

Since then, his team has transacted hundreds of millions in commercial sales, leasing, development, and construction – representing many millions in cumulative square footage of most classes of income producing assets, including but not limited to, office, industrial, retail and multi-family asset types.

George’s unparalleled market savvy, impeccable ethical standards, and relentless hands on service orientation to his customers, have been the cornerstones behind his loyal and diverse client base; including numerous large corporations, small businesses, and individual investors.

To this day, George holds dearly to his core beliefs that a live person should always answer his company’s phones and that he himself will be available to his clients around the clock by cell phone. Most customers find George’s insistence on upholding these credos to be a breath of fresh air in a world now dominated by phone trees and automated assistants. Such is a testament to the high priority George places on providing hands on service to all of his customers alike – big or small.

George is also a highly sought after and respected expert consultant for a variety of Commercial Real Estate investment ventures. His motto is “Broker first” to his many clients. An entrepreneur in his own right, he has amassed a large portfolio of Office and Industrial Properties. His day to day experience of wearing the owner’s hat himself has proven to be an invaluable source of insight and guidance to his many clients.

George proudly served in the United States Air Force beginning in 1968 prior to attending college. He holds a BA in Business Administration from the University of Central Oklahoma.

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