​Property Management

​Whether you own a single unit or a multitude of investment properties, InterWest Realty provides a wide range of professional, personalized, and trustworthy property management services with the aim of quickly securing great tenants and keeping them satisfied.

Property Management - InterWest Realty - Oklahoma City

Minimize Vacancies, Maximize Value

​Our firms’ goal is to minimize vacancies while maximizing the value of your investment. We assist landlords with commercial properties such as retail, office, industrial warehouses and specialty buildings. Once our leasing group secures the perfect tenant, our team sprints into action to create and then preserve the landlord-tenant relationship.

​We are Highly Trained & Up-To-Date

​Every person on our property management team is highly trained in all aspects of property management and equipped with up-to-date education on best practices. At InterWest Realty we develop full-service, customized plans based on our customers individual needs in order to maximize business objectives.

​Customized Services

​When you utilize our property management platform you gain access to a variety of services including in house legal counsel, financial reporting, strict tenant screening, financial data services, building maintenance, risk management, and much more.

Comprehensive Marketing Services

​In addition to traditional property management services, we also provide comprehensive marketing services to ensure you maximize your rental income while keeping your unit(s) filled.

Property Management - InterWest Realty - Oklahoma City

​Rent Perfection

​Every unit that enters our database goes through a rent maximization formula where we pinpoint that ideal rent price for your rental based on supply, demand, location, and more. You can call in anytime to get real time data on demand, vacancy rates, average rent prices, and more.

​Start boosting your profits today by scheduling a free assessment of your rental property. Let InterWest examine your building and units carefully to determine their condition and the highest amount of rent you could collect with our assistance. This assessment comes at no cost to you and with no strings attached.

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